Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki, Finland

Bachelor in Business Administration

2017 – Current

Member of the Board of review.

In 2019 Niklas was selected as the student representant for the board for a period of two years.

“Arcada’s board of review handles matters regarding the review of admission decisions, decisions regarding the loss of the right to study and evaluations of completed courses and accreditation of previous studies or competencies.”

Arcada studerandekår representative at the Research council.

Member of the board of the student association Handel och Service studerandeförening, HanSe SF rf.

Position: Event Manager.

Deputy member on the Delegate of Arcada Studerandekår, AKS.

The Delegate is the highest decision making body in ASK.

Duties include election of the Board of ASK, supervision of ASK, securing of ASK’s financial interests and nominations of student representatives for the Board of Arcada and other collegial bodies.

Member of the Annual ball committee of Handel och Service studerandeförening.

Tutor for international exchange students at Arcada

Toastmaster at various events such as Sits’es and Annual balls

Svenska Studerandes Intresseförening

Helsinki, Finland

Board member


Nylands Nation 

Helsinki, Finland

Board member


Chairman of the committee of culture


PartyLite OY



2019 – 2020

Handel och Service studerandeförening rf.

Helsinki, Finland

Board member


Event manager


Arilyn at Slush


Volunteer Barker

21 – 22 November 2019

PartyLite OY


Independent Consultant

2017 – Current

City of Espoo

Espoo, Finland


2015 – 2017

AuPair World 

London, United Kingdom


2014 – 2015

Military Service

Tammisaari, Finland

Military Police

2013 – 2014

Kyrkslätt Gymnasium (High School) 

Kirkkonummi, Finland

Marticulation Examination

2014 – 2015

Stipendium awarded in 2013 on the following basis

“The pupil has in an extraordinary way noticed and supported the work among his schoolmates, teachers and other school staff.”

Stipendium awarded in 2012 on the following basis

“a scholarship for a genuine interest in philosophy combined with a sense of the Swedish language as well as consideration for the fellow man”

Yang Chung High School

Seoul, South Korea

YFU International Exchange Student

2011 – 2012