When it comes to diversity in teams I believe it is of utmost importance. Diversity in teams will bring different kinds of ideas and views. Since the members are different, they will bring different strengths and weaknesses to the team. It is easy to want to add people who are just like oneself to one’s team, as you will have common things to talk about and it will be easy to communicate your vision and you share your values.

The team will however only be successful as long as only thous strengths appended to the team are the only ones needed. As soon as new hurdles arrises that challenge the members’ skills in areas they aren’t strong in it will start to fall apart unless they are masters in adaptability. A homogenous team will also lack various directions to expand into as the team only will see the same roads available.

A team that is diverse in strengths and weaknesses will compensate each other. Where someone has a shortcoming someone else will have strength. People with different backgrounds and experiences will also find different solutions and opportunities and create a more nuanced and creative discussion.

I do, however, believe that too much of diversity can be fatal for a team. A team must have common values, on which their work is built upon. They also need to be able to communicate with each other efficiently. It is therefore important that diversity isn’t dividing and weakening but compensating and strengthening. Diversity, solely for the sake of diversity, might bring out the weaknesses and make us forget why diversity is a strength.

| This piece is loose thoughts on diversity in teams and was created as an entry into a peer discussion as part of the coursework at Arcada. |

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