A walk with mallards

Went for a walk in the park, as did a couple of mallards with their youth. It’s really warm, 28°C. I’m glad the city has left some lawns unmowed, as it is good for wildlife.

Guarden guests

Yesterday evening, a little guest appeared in my garden. The hedgehog, or one of its specimen, visits my small garden every summer, looking for snails or other small crawlies for supper. This time it didn’t seem to mind me as much as it has previous years, I hope it isn’t out of desperation for food […]


So I’ve spent the last two weekends in the Finnish archipelago. The first, celebrating midsummer, at two different cottages of my friends. The second camping at our fraternity’s island. Both lovely weekends with a lot of swimming, sauna, good food and greater company.

Diversity in Teams

When it comes to diversity in teams I believe it is of utmost importance. Diversity in teams will bring different kinds of ideas and views. Since the members are different, they will bring different strengths and weaknesses to the team. It is easy to want to add people who are just like oneself to one’s team, as you will have common things to talk about and it will be easy to communicate your vision and you share your values.